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perv animals tbilisiperv animals tbilisi 2

Fieldtrip to Tbilisi. For the Perverse Animals series. Meetings,trips and interviews with local artists, musicians and activists. One performance at the Ces. To be released as radioplay and docufiction in 2015.






solo atelier 2 solo at atelier

Artwork/installation by Niki van Strien More info on the event here aether maze of sound




Performing Live Radioplay My Ethiopean Son, with Poet Martin Gambarotta, and Lukas Simonis. June 2014


bassclarinetculture channel visit here  bassclarinet studies

xstatic tics at somewhere tilburgxtatic tics in dublin 13X-Static Tics 31

 xtatic tics art denhaag energiehal

Xstatic Tics at various spaces (Utrecht, Den Haag, Tilburg) 2013/14


After intense rehearsals and about a year and a halve of discussions, inspiration sessions and living room reflective performative events we had the chance on the 21st of December '13 at Roodkapje in Rotterdam to open Myth Again #1 on its experimental phase to an audiences. Myth Again (video, movement and image) is an approach to performance via a synergetic mode. We are looking forward to reflect on this first step and carry on exploring the path way which is Myth Again. Myth Again #1 is: Guilherme Miotto, Henk Bakker and Peter van Till

watch some selection of the project here Myth Again Project Page


Unpunished performed at Neuf9 Festival /
30 November '13

Machol Shalem International Dance Festival /
2 & 3 December '13
Direction & Concept: Guilherme Miotto
Performance & Choreography: Guilherme Miotto & Johnny Lloyd
Stage design: Peter Missotten
Music: Henk Bakker
Concept/Direction: Guilherme Miotto
Dramaturgy: Jack Gallagher

ghostride at arnold schalks

Page of Madness Performed at OCW November 2013 Page of Madness at OCW

perverse animals dublin

perverse animals dublin 2

 Field research in Dublin with Local artists. Interviews, fieldrecordings. Produced for WORM, aired on the Concertzender. Listen here. Perverse Animals The Ireland Tapes 1

ALso other issues can be found here (items #61, #62, #63, #64, #65) Ireland Tapes all items

A soundwalk with nicola unger.
Premiering 28-09-2013
Do The Slow (really), the sound walk by henk bakker and nicola unger, is a short-distance stroll (rather than a walk) perfectly suited for a contemplative moment or a lost afternoon in a big city.
The track features on site recordings and generated sounds with a narrative written by nicola.
It starts right in front of WORM's entrance, leads you into the direction of the skatepark (an island), continues to a white circle painted on the ground on the Eendrachtsplein, makes you pass a gate keeper (transformer) with an important message and leaves you (alone) in the skate park.
It is about 35 minutes. Don't forget, do it slow, take your time.

Nicola Unger (theater maker and performer) lives in Rotterdam since 2003 and creates projects that border on theater and visual art. She has worked with the Productiehuis Rotterdam Rotterdamse Schouwburg among others and shown her work nationally as well as internationally.
More info here:
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projects in the making or already on tour.

Set New Beginnings

SNB 1-430x197
Is a Baila Louca project where Rita Vilhena curates Improvisation collaborative works.
In cooperation with Meg Stuart and Vania Rovisco, negotiation initiates within the mediums of musical and scenographic proposals, that ultimately will refer to a live filmmaking event. Departing from the inspiration taken from the film set, used as a counter point of real time choice making, Set New Beginning is the ground for encounters when composition spring forth from esthetical spaces and notions of use to then let derive to unknown development. The presentation is the ultimate happening. Presentation/performance on the 11 and 12 of october at the Schouwburg Rotterdam

X: a live radioplay and mini chamber opera to become. For Poetry International.

With Lukas Simonis and Michele Metail

metail 1 220x500


show is on 15th of june here: X

A Page of Madness: music with and for analog 16 mm film (projector)

With Huib Emmer (co composer) and Ester Urlus (filmprojector and manipulator)

show is on 8, 9 en and 10th of Novembre here: ocw



- Klangendum: A new initiative for soundwalks, live radioplays, muzak, fieldrecordings, residencies.

With Dr. L Simonis.

 A new radioshow coming up on the Concertzender, starting weekly from july 2nd 2013: called Dr. Klangendum. More info here: and the website is here:



with Guilherme Miotto and Johnny Lloyd, out now. (february 2013)  read review here


Live Radioplay: New Futurism The keeping secret of the Passed occured



Dr L Simonis, Saskia De Jong and The Gending Ensemble in Eindhoven (21-02-13)


Myth Again: performance studies and acts with Guilherme Miotto

read and see here!

myth-again002c-research-clips 00018